What We Do

We create inspirational experiences that change the way people think about booking holidays

The Private Traveller

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to luxury, and we know how to craft the perfect, exclusive holiday for your needs. We can take your ideas and transform them into a sophisticated and fully planned trip that is ready and waiting for you. Whether you have a hotel in mind or prefer that we make the choice, once you settle on a destination, we will book your stay at one of our chic accommodations. Making the reservations through our Private Traveller service will come with complimentary perks and exclusive benefits like potential room upgrades, breakfasts, private transfers, or spa treatments.

The Business Traveller

At Private Travel by Design, we never want the stress of planning your holiday to take away from the luxury you enjoy while on that vacation, and we understand the stress involved in coordinating a trip for a group of people. We offer top tier services to suit the needs of small groups—we will do the work of planning the logistics so that you and your friends or loved ones can enjoy, reconnect, and ultimately decompress with the luxury services offered to you during your stay.

Scotland Group Travel – Our little hidden gem

From our Scotland office, Private Travel by Design offers personalised experiences in Scotland, led by the company’s founder. Experience the exquisite scenery of Scotland with the finest destination and accommodations in the country. We provide this unique curated—experience built on our expert knowledge—for groups travelling to the area.

Anywhere in Scotland that you choose to travel, the hotels and services that we arrange are individually approved, checked, and verified to meet our elevated standards.